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Apollo 650 W Watt 12V AC Magnet Pma Wind Turbine Generator + Controller 6Blades

Apollo 650 W Watt 12V AC Magnet Pma Wind Turbine Generator + Controller 6Blades
Apollo 650 W Watt 12V AC Magnet Pma Wind Turbine Generator + Controller 6Blades
Apollo 650 W Watt 12V AC Magnet Pma Wind Turbine Generator + Controller 6Blades
Apollo 650 W Watt 12V AC Magnet Pma Wind Turbine Generator + Controller 6Blades
Apollo 650 W Watt 12V AC Magnet Pma Wind Turbine Generator + Controller 6Blades
Apollo 650 W Watt 12V AC Magnet Pma Wind Turbine Generator + Controller 6Blades
Apollo 650 W Watt 12V AC Magnet Pma Wind Turbine Generator + Controller 6Blades
Apollo 650 W Watt 12V AC Magnet Pma Wind Turbine Generator + Controller 6Blades

Apollo 650 W Watt 12V AC Magnet Pma Wind Turbine Generator + Controller 6Blades    Apollo 650 W Watt 12V AC Magnet Pma Wind Turbine Generator + Controller 6Blades

Apollo 650W AC 12V Wind Turbine + SolarWind Hybrid R X Charge Controller for Land or Marine Use. The Wind Generator is connected to the charge controller, which changes the Alternative Current output by the generator to Direct Current (AC to DC).

Electricity generated by the wind turbine are then stored to batteries. Note: the 12V Batteries above are not included. If your home or farm is connected to the power grid, on windier days you may be able to sell excess power generated by your wind turbine to your utility.

This concept is called net metering. Even if net metering is unavailable, you might be able to reduce your power bills by using the electricity generated by wind turbines, and become less dependent on your utility. What is a SolarWind Hybrid R X Charge Controller? GreenergyStar SolarWind Hybrid RX is he most advanced charge controller in the market today. Unlike other hybrid controllers, this multipurpose device is designed to work with Southwest Windpower's Air-X, 403, and 303 plus other 12V AC/DC turbines and solar panels.

The SolarWind Hybrid RX has utilized microprocessor based control electronics, sophisticated monitoring software, high quality finned aluminum casing and an intuitive LED display design. It is designed to work with the. To send renewable energy generated by Air-X, 12V AC/DC Turbine and solar panels back to the grid in a stable, controlled and safe manner. The following list will summarize its major features. Hybrid system designed to work with Southwest Windpower's Air-X, 403, and 303 plus other 12V AC/DC turbines and 12V solar panels.

Compatible with GreenergyStar branded grid-tie inverters. Maximum power: 1000W (rated at 27V & 37.5A). System Voltage: 12V Nominal (see input / output sections for range).

Microprocessor based control electronics to control charging, outputs and dump load. Dump load utilize Pulse-width modulation (PWM) switching technology to recover power during high wind periods.

Manual Braking switch to isolate wind turbine from the system. Intuitive LED Display to reflect system status. Keeps battery in an optimum charged state.

Internal diode to prevent reverse current to solar panels or wind turbine at night. High quality finned aluminum casing to protect the interior and dissipate heat. Installation Reference - not to scale (No inverter, batteries, turbines and solar panels included in this listing). Operating voltage & current on all terminals: 11.5V 27V, 0A 37.5A.

Maximum input voltage & current on all terminals: 30V , 40A. Withstand voltage: 35V (anything above will damage controller). Stand-by power consumption: 0.1W.

AC Turbine : For 3 phase AC turbine. The 3 wires from AC turbine can be connected to the terminals in no specific order. Built in rectifier will convert AC to DC. Can also be connected here as the rectifier accepts DC input as well. LED will turn Green when there is an active input source.

DC Turbine : Recommend for Air-X since this terminal has the. LED will not turn on since the Air-X has its own (red) charging LED. LED will turn on when there is power coming in from the inputs. Manual Turbine lock to force dump load to turn on. Pulse Width Modulated Dump Load. Stay-Online Feature to keep Air-X up and running in low battery condition. Night Time Reverse current protection to prevent current going into wind turbine and solar panels. Over current Protection (40A Fuse). Operating output current: 37.5A. Total maximum output current: 40A. Maximum current on individual output: 30A. Maximum Output Power: 1000W (rated at 27V & 37.5A).

Output starts when inputs are above 12.5V. LED will turn Orange with respect to each output. Battery is an input and an output at the same time. LED will turn Blue indicating battery is being charged. Overcharge protection Cut off voltage: 14.7V.

Over-discharge protection Cut off voltage: 11.4V. Recommend using deep cycle batteries if possible. Normal lead acid batteries are acceptable as well.

3 charging modes: Continuous charging, Pulsing, Trickiling. Mode 1 - Power Supply. When input voltages are lower than the battery's voltage, the battery will act as a supply to all outputs.

Power to all outputs will be cut when the battery has drop down to 11.4V. Mode 2 - Stay Online (for Air-X only). When battery voltage is below 11.4V and input voltages is under 9V, even though all outputs will be cut, the charge controller will still send electrical pulse to the DC input terminal every 5 - 10 seconds as indicated by the pulsing Red.

This is necessary for Air-X's internal controller to stay on. Since the Air-X will not wake up on its own, without these pulses, even if wind starts blowing the Air-X will free spin and no power will be generated. If polarity of battery is incorrect. Requires a minimum of 1.2Ohm 600W resistive load to be connected to the dump load terminal. Dump load activates when AC Turbine is >= 27V. Unlike conventional dump loads that short circuit on activation and drop outputs to zero, the SolarWind Hybrid RX utilizes Pulse-width modulation (PDM) switching technology to only dump what is necessary and conserve the rest. Activating dump load will slow down the AC turbine and reduce voltage spikes.

Over voltage protection: All outputs will be cut when input voltage is over 30V. However dump load will stay on. LED will turn Red when the dump load has been activated.

Manual Turbine Lock is used to force dump load to fully turn on (ie: short circuit). Useful when it is necessary to isolate AC wind turbine from the system (ie: during installation or maintenance).

Turbine lock is the red switch at the top-left corner of the Output Face (refer to Figure 1 on page 6). 25'C - 85'C. Dimension (L x W x H). 19.3 x 13.1 x 6.9 cm 7.5" x 5.2" x 2.7.

Convection cooled with fan (activate around 50'C 60'C). High quality finned aluminum to act as heat sink for fast heat dissipation. Over the last few decades renewable energy has started to gain its ground.

Of all the different kinds of alternative energy sources available, the use of wind power has been growing steadily. However, wind turbines that are available for homeowners in the market today are mostly designed (or copied) a decade ago and although they work, most have mechanical flaws that were neglected since their debut and there is a lot of room for improvements. With that in mind, we have redesigned a new wind turbine - the Apollo. Built-in with a stronger alternator for higher power output, Anti-vibration system to increase power efficiency, and the ability to be customized and upgraded for the future. Exploded View (No inverter, batteries, turbines and solar panels included in this listing). What is the difference in an Apollo Wind Turbine? GreenergyStar's Apollo Wind Turbine is the most mechanically advanced generator in the market today. It features many upgrades that solves performance issues that our competitors struggle with.

It is designed to work with other. Products such as the SolarWind Hybrid RX charge controller and grid tie inverters to better utilize the renewable energy generated. The above battery charging power curve is obtained from charging a 12V 100Ah battery bank with our SolarWind Hybrid Charge Controller.

Color: White - With 49" swept area when mounted on a 5" Hub - Incorporates highly efficient, true airfoil - Quiet performance with minimal vibration - Can generate 800 watts or more depending on PMA efficiency - Manufactured using a precision injection molding process that produces blades of exceptional consistency - Made with new thermoplastic to increase durability - Smoother and more durable than any blades you can find in the market - Adjustable blade degree with included degree adjusters / shims (see picture below) - High resistance to bending (over 150 degrees). What is Nylon 6.6?

Nylon is a man made product. On the man made side, you will see primarily three types of thermoplastic. These are polyester, polypropylene, and nylon.

Of the three types, nylon is by far the better choice. Nylon is extremely versatile in its applications. It is highly resistant to abrasion and has excellent resilience.

Within nylon, there are two groups: nylon 6 and nylon 6.6. Nylon 6.6 is the.

It is the thermoplastic that is most often specified by professional architects and designers because it provides the flexural strength, low-temperature toughness, UV Resistance and is the most resilient. Nylon 6.6 performs well in many applications such as wind turbine blades, automotive parts, and other fields that get a lot of wear and tear. Nylon 6.6 has additional molecules that give extra strength and the resilience compared to nylon 6.

If you still have no idea what Nylon 6.6 is, do a search on google. Adjustable blade degree with included degree adjusters (Shims) Increase/decrease blade angle by installing degree adjuster under the blades "+" on the right side = Increase angle = More Torque, Less Speed "-" on the right side = Decrease angle = Less Torque, More Speed. Nylon 6.6 + Carbon Fiber. For those who are serious about wind power generation, this is a must have item. Never again will the cable get twisted up.

Never again will you have to climb up the ladder and fix the tangles. Get a slip ring today and you can put all of that behind you. 40'C to 100'C.

M22x1.5 22mm diameter 1.5mm Thread Pitch. High voltage / current carrying capacity - Copper-graphite brushes ensure long life even under extreme load conditions - Quick connector for fast connection to the AC / DC wind turbine see reference picture below - Insulated with fiberglass sleeves to protect wires to the wind turbine and make the installation professional and tidy - Easily taken apart for quick maintenance - 2x High Quality Metal Sealed Ball bearing to stabilize axle. As we can see from the exploded view, the top circuit is color coded Red , the middle circuit is Black and the bottom circuit is Blue. Pros - 20mm rotor thickness, 66% more compare to competitor's - Stronger Magnetic flux due to thicker rotor, and thus, more Power - Evenly spread magnets decrease magnetic drag - 6 balanced hole to reduce weight - Reduce forces required to start rotor due to less reciprocation mass - Brushless Permanent Magnet Alternator.

Cons - only 12mm in rotor thickness and thus weaker magnetic flux - Magnets are not evenly spread out (ie: screw at top) - No weight reduction = harder start up. Please refer to listing details on the actual model you are getting. Bigger body allow fitting of a more powerful alternator than competitor's - Longer body and tail (62cm) allow the Apollo to face wind even if more blades are added while our competitor just spins round and round - High surface area tail, 33cm in height, 30% more surface area will let the turbine stay focus to incoming wind - Installation of 29 blades and capture 50% more wind is now possible. Pros - 140mm diameter, 10% larger than competitor's - High blade capacity, allow up to 6 to be installed - Covers the entire face plate to eliminate vortex.

Cons - 125mm in diameter - Only allows 3 blades to be installed - Does not cover face plate completely. Pros - Dual Metal ball bearing located at front and rear of rotor - 5.5cm of stabilizing distance to prevent rotor and blades from vibrating - No vibration = Increase in efficiency - Reduction in noise output. Cons - 2 bearings placed side by side together - Stabilizing distance effectively shorten to 2cm (63% reduction) - Vibration = Energy wasted - Wasted energy gets converted to Noise and Heat. Pros - Dual Metal ball bearing to prevent vertical vibration - Yaw shaft diameter: 40mm - 3cm of stabilizing distance with 2 bearings - No vibration = Increase in efficiency - Reduction in noise output - One piece design Yaw body provides more stability.

Cons - Single bearings will not eliminate vertical vibration - Yaw shaft diameter: 35mm - Stabilizing distance effectively shorten to 1.4cm with one bearing (53% reduction) - Vibration will cause bearing to grind on yaw shaft and create a bigger play, which in turn will cause more vibration in a never ending cycle - 2 pieces design Yaw body is less stable. Pros - Unlike rubber, PVC Rings are much more durable will not harden and crack and cause leaks - Bearing are covered and will not rust / leak. Cons - Rubber ring will harden after approximately 1 year of use and will start cracking and leaking - Bearing are exposed and will rust / leak. Starting Wind Speed (6 blades).

8.28kg (18.25 lb). Yaw Body / Tower Mount Inner Diameter. 53.3mm, 2.1 inch.

1.5 inch schedule 40 pipe Actual Pipe diameter: 48mm (1.9 inch) Recommend adding 2.5mm padding. 1 Apollo Wind Turbine - 6x Blades - Hub with 6 lots - Nose Cone - Screws and Nuts - Degree Adjuster - Allen Key - Instruction Manual - RX Charge Controller. Rotating blades present the most serious mechanical hazard.

The blades may be moving at velocities over 275 miles per hour (440 km/hr). At this speed, the tip of a blade is nearly invisible and can cause serious injury.

Under no circumstances should you install the turbine where a person could come in contact with moving rotor blades. The installer of these blades is solely responsible for the use or misuse of these blades.

We assume no liability for ANY injuries caused by these products. Any unauthorized disassembly, repair, or modification. NO OPERATING COST GENERATES ELECTRICITY FROM THE ABUNDANT RESOURCE - SOLAR & WIND.

All pictures and descriptions are subjected to change without notice. We are not responsible for any inadvertent errors. Please refer to S&H price list above for details. Usually it will take 45 days for bounce backs to return to us. So, PLEASE make sure you address is correct. Items that are used/ damaged/ deformed or altered in any ways are not acceptable. The item "Apollo 650 W Watt 12V AC Magnet Pma Wind Turbine Generator + Controller 6Blades" is in sale since Thursday, March 21, 2013. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Home Improvement\Electrical Supplies\Alternative Energy Supplies\Wind Power Supplies\Wind Turbines & Kits". The seller is "goodsgood" and is located in Point Roberts, Washington. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  1. Application: Back-Up Power
  2. Voltage: 12
  3. Axis Orientation: Horizontal
  4. Current Type: AC
  5. MPN: N/A
  6. Protection Properties: Low Voltage Protection
  7. Blade Material: Nylon Fiber
  8. Brand: GreenergyStar
  9. Number of Blades: 6
  10. Wattage: 650
  11. Color: White

Apollo 650 W Watt 12V AC Magnet Pma Wind Turbine Generator + Controller 6Blades    Apollo 650 W Watt 12V AC Magnet Pma Wind Turbine Generator + Controller 6Blades