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3500 W 12-24V AC 6 Blades Wind Turbine Generator System+ Charger+ 225A Slip Ring

3500 W 12-24V AC 6 Blades Wind Turbine Generator System+ Charger+ 225A Slip Ring

3500 W 12-24V AC 6 Blades Wind Turbine Generator System+ Charger+ 225A Slip Ring   3500 W 12-24V AC 6 Blades Wind Turbine Generator System+ Charger+ 225A Slip Ring
Wind Turbine Generator for Land or Marine Use. 3500W 12V or 24V AC Wind Turbine + Charger + 225A Slip Ring. 1 Wind Turbine - Blades - Slip Ring (installed) - Hub - Nose Cone - Screws and Nuts - Allen Key - Instruction Manual. This is the most mechanically advanced generator in the market today. It features many upgrades that solves performance issues that our competitors struggle with. It is designed to work with charge controllers and grid tie inverters to better utilize the renewable energy generated. The following list will summarize its major features. The Wind Generator is connected to the charge controller, which changes the Alternative Current output by the generator to Direct Current (AC to DC). Electricity generated by the wind turbine are then stored to batteries. Note: the 12V Batteries above are not included. If your home or farm is connected to the power grid, on windier days you may be able to sell excess power generated by your wind turbine to your utility. This concept is called net metering. Even if net metering is unavailable, you might be able to reduce your power bills by using the electricity generated by wind turbines, and become less dependent on your utility.

Since wind speed increases with height, increases to the tower height can mean enormous increases in the amount of electricity generated by a wind turbine. 23.5 inch = 60cm, 29 inch = 73cm. Color: White - Length: 23.5" OR 29", depending on model (see spec for individual turbine) - Incorporates highly efficient, true airfoil - Quiet performance with minimal vibration - Manufactured using a precision injection molding process that produces blades of exceptional consistency - Made with new thermoplastic to increase durability - Smoother and more durable than any blades you can find in the market - High resistance to bending (over 150 degrees). What is Nylon 6.6?

Nylon is extremely versatile in its applications. It is highly resistant to abrasion and has excellent resilience. Within nylon, there are two groups: nylon 6 and nylon 6.6. Nylon 6.6 is the.

It is the thermoplastic that is most often specified by professional architects and designers because it provides the flexural strength, low-temperature toughness, UV Resistance and is the most resilient. Nylon 6.6 performs well in many applications such as wind turbine blades, automotive parts, and other fields that get a lot of wear and tear. Nylon 6.6 has additional molecules that give extra strength and the resilience compared to nylon 6. If you still have no idea what Nylon 6.6 is, do a search on google.

Nylon 6.6 + Carbon Fiber. For those who are serious about wind power generation, this is a must have upgrade. Never again will the cable get twisted up.

Never again will you have to climb up the ladder and fix the tangles. With Slip Ring No more tangles! Without Slip Ring Do you really want to untangle this every month? 40'C to 100'C. M22x1.5 22mm diameter 1.5mm Thread Pitch. High voltage / current carrying capacity - Copper-graphite brushes ensure long life even under extreme load conditions - Quick connector for fast connection to the AC / DC wind turbine - Insulated with fiberglass sleeves to protect wires to the wind turbine and make the installation professional and tidy - Easily taken apart for quick maintenance - 2x High Quality Metal Sealed Ball bearing to stabilize axle. Built-in Tower Adapter with Anti Vibration & Fictionless Rotation System. With Dual Bearing - Dual Metal ball bearing to prevent vertical vibration - Yaw shaft diameter: 40mm - 3cm of stabilizing distance with 2 bearings - No vibration = Increase in efficiency - Reduction in noise output - One piece design Yaw body provides more stability.

Without Tower Adapter / Bearing - When there is no tower adapter, it makes installation harder than it has to be -Without bearing, metal connection / joints will grind on each other and wear out - Plays will get larger and turbine will vibrate during operation. Short 24.8 inches (63cm), Long 32.3 inches (82cm).

Bigger body allow fitting of a more powerful alternators - Longer body and tail allow the turbine to face wind even if more blades are added - High surface area tail will let the turbine stay focus to incoming wind. 1.5 inch schedule 40 pipe Actual Pipe diameter: 48mm (1.9 inch) Recommend adding 2.5mm padding. Yaw Body / Tower Mount Inner Diameter. 53.3mm, 2.1 inch.

6 Blades (Depending on Model). 12V or 24V Wind Turbine Charge Controller. GreenergyStar Apollo, Patriot, WindZilla Phoenix and MegaShark wind turbines. Compatible with GreenergyStar branded grid-tie inverters.

System Voltage: 12V or 24V Nominal. Microprocessor based control electronics to control charging, outputs and dump load. Intuitive LED Display to reflect system status.

Keeps battery in an optimum charged state. High quality finned aluminum casing to protect the interior and dissipate heat.

If polarity of battery is incorrect, Dump Load must be connected at all times. Requires a minimum of 1.2Ohm 600W resistive load to be connected to the dump load terminal. Dump load activates when AC Turbine is >= 35V.

Activating dump load will slow down the AC turbine and reduce voltage spikes. Over voltage protection: All outputs will be cut when input voltage is over 30V. However dump load will stay on. LED will turn Red when the dump load has been activated.

25'C - 80'C. Dimension (L x W x H).

15.1 x 13.1 x 6.9 cm 6.0 " x 5.2" x 2.7. High quality finned aluminum to act as heat sink for fast heat dissipation. DUMP LOAD: 28A LOAD: 10A BATTERY: 15A.

Three circuit Max 75A X3 =225A Slip Ring for 12V, 24V, 48V up to 380V AC / DC Wind Turbine Generators. Slip ring is a must have item if you do not want the cables toget twisted up. Install to the wind turbine's axis of rotation and you are done. Rotating blades present the most serious mechanical hazard.

The blades may be moving at velocities over 275 miles per hour (440 km/hr). At this speed, the tip of a blade is nearly invisible and can cause serious injury. Under no circumstances should you install the turbine where a person could come in contact with moving rotor blades. The installer of these blades is solely responsible for the use or misuse of these blades. We assume no liability for ANY injuries caused by these products.

NO OPERATING COST GENERATES ELECTRICITY FROM THE ABUNDANT RESOURCE - SOLAR & WIND. All pictures and descriptions are subjected to change without notice. We are not responsible for any inadvertent errors. Canada and International are different. Please refer to S&H price list above for details. Usually it will take 45 days for bounce backs to return to us. So, PLEASE make sure you address is correct. Items that are used/ damaged/ deformed or altered in any ways are not acceptable.

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  1. Package: 12V + Charger + Slip Ring
  2. Blade Material: Nylon Fiber
  3. Wattage: 3500W
  4. Current Type: AC
  5. Axis Orientation: Vertical
  6. Color: White
  7. Number of Blades: 6
  8. MPN: na
  9. Protection Properties: Low Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Overspeed Protection
  10. Brand: unbranded
  11. Application: Back-up Power, Home/Garden, Marine

3500 W 12-24V AC 6 Blades Wind Turbine Generator System+ Charger+ 225A Slip Ring   3500 W 12-24V AC 6 Blades Wind Turbine Generator System+ Charger+ 225A Slip Ring