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2400 WATT PMA 48V Permanent Magnet Alternator Generator PC1248DC 4 ENGINE USE

2400 WATT PMA 48V Permanent Magnet Alternator Generator PC1248DC 4 ENGINE USE
2400 WATT PMA 48V Permanent Magnet Alternator Generator PC1248DC 4 ENGINE USE

2400 WATT PMA 48V Permanent Magnet Alternator Generator PC1248DC 4 ENGINE USE   2400 WATT PMA 48V Permanent Magnet Alternator Generator PC1248DC 4 ENGINE USE

Made for engine and hydro use only. Speed for 97% efficiency and. 2700 RPM (Max) at 92% electrical efficiency.

1075 RPM for >24 Volts. 1821 RPM for >48 Volts. 2065 RPM for >60 Volts. 2500 RPM for >127 Volts.

Voltage is always the voltage of the battery bank. The battery dominates the voltage spectrum so a battery can take on higher voltages easy. Note: You must use a battery regulator when using an unregulated PMA for charging to make sure the battery does note go above its maximum voltage range. As long as the battery is below its maximum range it can take in-rusher of higher voltage without any problems but it may never exceed its maximum range so you need a battery regulator to ensure safe charging.

Voltage will be much higher if not tied down to a. Battery bank within RPM voltage range shown above.


To keep your batteries alive when using a power inverter during power outages you need a 48 volt battery regulator. Fantastic Thermodyne QC1212 PMA portable boost power pack 12/24v - YouTube. SEE VIDEO ON HOW TO USE IT.

HIGHLY EFFICIENT - USE LESS GAS OR DIESEL AND MAKE TWICE. THE ELECTRICITY USING A BATTERY AND POWER INVERTER! BEATS TYPICAL 110/220-VAC GENERATORS BY 35% MORE EFFICIENCY. Also highly recommended for engine, hydro and belt driven applications! The wire size in these stators are extra large coils offering HIGH amperage.

This wire is not fine enough for wind power applications. Includes cooling fan and pulley as standard equipment. DO NOT REMOVE COOLING FAN! This model can get hot!

Build a super battery charger out of any old lawn mower. Specially made for belt drive use on engines or direct drive Hydro systems.

PMA FOR IT'S SIZE AND CLASS RANGE! Brand new, never used PMA!

Including the pole shoes and stator coil frame! We make our own brand new.

Make sure your rotor is brand NEW and. Has also been re-balanced on a dynamic. Rotor balancing machine or your PMA. Our PMA's are NOT re-built units. Starting with'Junk Yard' alternator parts.

Our NEW rotor poles are balanced to within. 002 grams for SMOOOOOTH rotation!

Includes 60mm pulley and cooling fan FREE! Three-phase units require a Three-Phase.

AC to DC rectifier I n order to charge batteries. See link to approved rectifier for this model - LINK HERE. LOW COGGING / Power-Core PMA's have amazing power and GREAT low speed start up!

Can be run Clock Wise (CW) or Counter Clock Wise (CCW) but when running CCW the shaft requires a "Carter pin lock" to keep the pulley from coming off the shaft. A must have item for off grid emergency power. For those days when there is no sun or wind! Use these powerful permanent magnet alternators. (PMA's) to make cheap electricity with wind turbines. Stop wasting up to 50% of your power energizing the. Coil of standard brush type alternators. Permanent magnet alternators are by no means standard "Automotive" alternators containing brushes and electro-magnetic coils.

A PMA does not waste power by having to continuously create an energy intensive magnetic field. We sell only highly efficient - long lasting true permanent magnet alternators with Neodymium Magnets! PMA rotor is studded with 14 powerful magnetic power points - Arranged in a Superbly balanced and perfectly phase biassing configuration.

This new design feature offers high power with no appreciable cogging once at running speed. All magnets are all slotted into multi-layered steel plates for maximizing and sharing the rear field forces boosting the overall core power. When ordinary stator coils are hyper magnetically saturated with the Power-Core s. Powerful magnetic field, power outputs are almost tripled over older mono core designs!

LOTS OF LOW END POWER GENERATION ABILITY!!! Perfect for building simple, inexpensive and dependable wind turbines. A put-up and forget design! Expect decades of dependable service life. Rain, ice and weather proof electronics. Heavy Duty coils and diodes. Bearings rated for 115,000 hours +.

Warrant y - 90 days parts and labor. Powerful Neodymium magnets in rotor. Includes FREE pulley and cooling fan! Makes power when turned in either direction. Pulley and fan comes with all models!

(Smaller pulley sizes will slip on this ultra powerful model). PC series PMA's weigh 14 LBS. Size 8" X 7" X 7. WARNING; High voltage PMA's and battery banks can cause lethal electric shock! PLEASE NOTE: Our model numbers have nothing to do with voltages, they are just model numbers.

GET FREE HOT WATER WHEN YOU USE WATER COOLED ENGINES. I don't know if you remember me about 2 years ago I was asking you questions about your PMA's. They are great, attached is a photo of my engine setup that has over 5000 hours on them. At what wind speed does it start producing 48 volt power - even 10 watts? I'm thinking of putting two in series, isolating the ground or case in order to get them to produce something at a low wind speed.

Make sure you connect a PMA to the correct battery polarity. Positive PMA to positive battery terminal and negative PMA to negative battery terminal. IF you reverse the connections you will burn out your PMA as the power rushes past the blocking diodes and melts your coils!! Keeping your PMA's cooled, fused and under reasonable loads is the operators full responsibility. Monitor your PMA for excessive heating in all experimental machinery! Maximum PMA's operating temperature is 212 F. No warranties on ANY burned out PMA's! A PMA RUNNING SLOW WHILE DRAWING A FULL AMP LOAD IS A DEAD PMA! Choose the right PMA and keep it cool via the correct RPM V. These figures must then be matched to the power curves. This total calculation must be done. Correctly or you may find yourself burning up a few PMA's as part of your learning curve. Expensive lessons for the inexperienced! This advice is ONLY a guide line and is not a guarantee of cool operation since your amp load can still be too extreme for proper cooling. For a 48 volt battery system start with a 10 amp fuse and work your way up to no more than 25 amps always making sure the PMA stays under 212 F. Or under the temperature for boiling water. Don't pull more amperage than the PMA can handle.

If you burn one up you own it!!! No warranties on burned up PMA's!!!

If you are experienced watch for over heating and be careful. These PMA's really pack LOTS of POWER in a small package! Small power to size ratios always means High Performance so be careful! Taking apart a PMA the right way. Remove the 4 housing bolts and pull the front housing off OVER the shaft. Never pull the rear housing off first!!!! If it is jammed or rusted use some WD-40 on the shaft and alternately tap the mounting wings with a hammer while applying pressure to the shaft with your thumb so that the stator and it's delicate wiring harness is kept in place. NOTE: If the shaft is QCored-up badly you may have to sand the shaft down to it's original 17mm size to get the front housing off. Now grab the exposed rotor core shaft and pull it out WHILE holding down the stator ring with your index. This will take LOTS of strength!!!!! If you fail to hold the stator in place the core and stator.

Will be extracted together and the wires will be torn off of the stator and this is unrepairable! This is a tricky maneuver and usually takes some experience and lots of muQCle!!!!!! Once the rotor core has been successfully extracted the rectifier connections are exposed and you may now unfasten the three wire nuts to safely remove the stator coil.

(To reassemble simply reverse procedure). Warranties will be void on any PMA that is opened by a customer. Any PMA experimentation and examination is at your own risk. The item "2400 WATT PMA 48V Permanent Magnet Alternator Generator PC1248DC 4 ENGINE USE" is in sale since Thursday, December 12, 2019.

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    2400 WATT PMA 48V Permanent Magnet Alternator Generator PC1248DC 4 ENGINE USE   2400 WATT PMA 48V Permanent Magnet Alternator Generator PC1248DC 4 ENGINE USE