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1800 Watts MaxCore PMA 12 VAC 3-Phase Wind Turbine Permanent Magnet Generator

1800 Watts MaxCore PMA 12 VAC 3-Phase Wind Turbine Permanent Magnet Generator
1800 Watts MaxCore PMA 12 VAC 3-Phase Wind Turbine Permanent Magnet Generator

1800 Watts MaxCore PMA 12 VAC 3-Phase Wind Turbine Permanent Magnet Generator    1800 Watts MaxCore PMA 12 VAC 3-Phase Wind Turbine Permanent Magnet Generator
1800 Watt peak Max-Core PMA 12 VAC 3-phase. PMA designed our 34.64 KT propeller (blades) and with these blades can make up to 1800 Watts peak power in high winds (Rated as peak).

All voltage ranges (VR) are based on use for battery charging with wind power! This PMA's is recommended for wind turbines only!

Peak at about 2000 RPM. Thermodyne 1600W Wind Turbine Review. Video will open in a new window.

Copy this link into Safari. TREX blades on SC12 PMA Wind Turbine windgeneering. What's better, AC or DC wind turbine PMA's / PMG's. 24 V DC turbine with a 10-30V grid tie the BEST combo ever!

1800 watts peak - Designed to operate in an area with low/medium speed averages of 4.4 to 5.6 m/s and greater (Zone 3-4) Provides 221 kWh per month (2563kWh year) 7.1 kWh per day in a 12.5 mph (5.5 m/s) average wind speed. In a zone 7 area this turbine can make up to 200% more power or 14.80 kWh. Wind Zones are defined by m/s Wind Zone 1 0 4.4 m/s Wind Zone 2 4.4 5.1 m/s Wind Zone 3 5.1 5.6 m/s Wind Zone 4 5.6 6.0 m/s Wind Zone 5 6.0 6.4 m/s Wind Zone 6 6.4 7.0 m/s Wind Zone 7 7.0 9.4 m/s (20-22 mph).

You will receive only the most modern magnet core with deep saturation slotted magnets providing deep reaching pole power into the stator coil for maximum amperage. There are plenty of "Look-A-Like" PMA's on the market that cost less. The reason why they cost less. Is that they are utilizing an old fashioned. The modern type PLATE AND GROOVE rotor that we have developed is the most celebrated and also the most copied type which we pioneered.

The important part is that PLATE AND GROOVE makes power at MUCH LOWER RPM's than the older and traditional Clam type rotor designs that do not provide deep magnetic saturation of the Stator coil offering 600% more power in low RPM scenarios over Clam type designs. In small wind turbines this is VERY important to make your power in the LOWER RPM ranges.

Spend a little more and get a LOT more BANG-FOR-YOUR-BUCK!!! From the beginning GM designed the Delco to run.

WET and even tested them to operate. Designing an alternator that can survive at 375 degrees F. Under the hood of a car operating with rain water coming through the. Radiator and from water puddles is.

Over 100,000,000 10/12si's were produced by Delco and after-market vendors! Parts for this legendary'work-horse' will be available for the next 50+ years. World's most supported and well recognized model! Our Magnets are on an angle for easy turning.

We make our own brand new. Our PMA's are built from the ground up.

Using only 100% ALL new parts! (Including the rotor pole shoes and stator coil stacks).

Our NEW rotor poles are balanced to. 002 grams for SMOOOOOTH rotation!

Not a cheap import or copy. Our NON-COGGING PMA's have fantastic. Featuring 14 n50 magnets for achieving. An amazing 38% power level increase! Use these powerful permanent magnet alternators (PMA's) to make cheap electricity with wind turbines. Stop wasting up to 50% of your power energizing the coil of standard brush type alternators.

Permanent magnet alternators are by no means standard "Automotive" alternators containing brushes and electro-magnetic coils. A PMA does not waste power by having to continuously create an energy intensive magnetic field. We sell only highly efficient - long lasting true permanent magnet alternators!

LOTS OF LOW END POWER GENERATION ABILITY!!! Perfect for building simple, inexpensive and dependable wind turbines. A put-up and forget design! Expect decades of dependable service life. Makes power when turned in either direction.

Note: Clockwise is the preferred direction since the nut tends to stay on and it cools better! Rain, ice and weather proof electronics.

Max-core 1.26 wide coil. Heavy Duty coils and diodes.

100% biassed magnetic field spread. Powerful #50H Neodymium magnets in rotor. MAX-CORE series PMA's weigh 13 LBS. Size 8" X 7" X 7.

Make sure you connect a PMA to the correct battery polarity. Positive PMA to positive battery terminal and negative PMA to negative battery terminal. IF you reverse the connections you will burn out your PMA as the power rushes past the blocking diodes and melts your coils! TECH NOTES: (DC model shown). Taking apart a PMA the right way.

Remove the 4 housing bolts and pull the front housing off OVER the shaft. Never pull the rear housing off first!!!! If it is jammed or rusted use some WD-40 on the shaft and alternately tap the mounting wings with a hammer while applying pressure to the shaft with your thumb so that the stator and it's delicate wiring harness is kept in place. NOTE: If the shaft is scored-up badly you may have to sand the shaft down to it's original 17mm size to get the front housing off. Now grab the exposed rotor core shaft and pull it out WHILE holding down the stator ring with your index.

This will take LOTS of strength!!!!! If you fail to hold the stator in place the core and stator. Will be extracted together and the wires will be torn off of the stator and this is unrepairable! This is a tricky maneuver and usually takes some experience and lots of muscle!!!!!! Once the rotor core has been successfully extracted the rectifier connections are exposed and you may now unfasten the three wire nuts to safely remove the stator coil.

(To reassemble simply reverse procedure). Warranties will be void on any PMA that is opened by a customer. Any PMA experimentation and examination is at your own risk. WARNING; High voltage PMA's and battery banks can cause lethal electric shock! PLEASE NOTE: Our model numbers have nothing to do with voltages, they are just model numbers.

I just want to brag about your blades and PMA, I live here on a mountain top in Idaho, and had freezing temps. Then came the high winds, the 12 volt PMA maxed out over 75 volts and the blades held together with wind gusts over 50 MPH. I just need a controller that won't smoke with these high wind surges, what do you recommend? By the way I'm very impressed with the scs24 pma. The item "1800 Watts MaxCore PMA 12 VAC 3-Phase Wind Turbine Permanent Magnet Generator" is in sale since Thursday, August 23, 2018.

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    1800 Watts MaxCore PMA 12 VAC 3-Phase Wind Turbine Permanent Magnet Generator    1800 Watts MaxCore PMA 12 VAC 3-Phase Wind Turbine Permanent Magnet Generator