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18 x 62 Wind Turbine Generator Blades for AMETEK motor

18 x 62 Wind Turbine Generator Blades for AMETEK motor
18 x 62 Wind Turbine Generator Blades for AMETEK motor
18 x 62 Wind Turbine Generator Blades for AMETEK motor
18 x 62 Wind Turbine Generator Blades for AMETEK motor
18 x 62 Wind Turbine Generator Blades for AMETEK motor

18 x 62 Wind Turbine Generator Blades for AMETEK motor    18 x 62 Wind Turbine Generator Blades for AMETEK motor

18x 29 Nylon 6.6 Wind Turbine Generator Blades For Air-X, 403, 303 Ametek, Apollo. Nylon 6.6 + Carbon Fiber.

Car alternators, AMETEK, tape drive, stepping, 90 VDC motors. 18 Degree Adjusters -36 M6x25 Stainless Steel bolts - 36 hex Nylocks nuts (auto locks thread).

What is Nylon 6.6? Nylon is a man made product. On the man made side, you will see primarily three types of thermoplastic.

These are polyester, polypropylene, and nylon. Of the three types, nylon is by far the better choice.

Nylon is extremely versatile in its applications. It is highly resistant to abrasion and has excellent resilience. Within nylon, there are two groups: nylon 6 and nylon 6.6. Nylon 6.6 is the. It is the thermoplastic that is most often specified by professional architects and designers because it provides the flexural strength , low-temperature toughness and is the most resilient.

Nylon 6.6 performs well in many applications such as wind turbine blades, automotive parts, and other fields that get a lot of wear and tear. Nylon 6.6 has additional molecules that give extra strength and the resilience compared to nylon 6. If you still have no idea what Nylon 6.6 is, do a search on google.

29" inches long, longest in the market - With 64.5" swept area when mounted on a 10" rotor - Incorporates highly efficient, true airfoil - Quiet performance with minimal vibration - Super slim, spins up to 1500RPM - Can generate 800 watts or more depending on your PMA efficiency - Manufactured using a precision injection molding process that produces blades of exceptional consistency - Made with new thermoplastic to increase durability - Smoother and more durable than any blades you can find in the market - Adjustable blade degree with included degree adjuster (see picture) - 17mm hub centers fits on most car alternators, AMETEK, tape drive, stepping, 90VDC motors (NO HUBS INCLUDED) - Slight metal work required for 5/8" shafts - Excellent for PMA's Permanent Magnet Alternators - 7 inches longer and 1.5 inches wider than factory blades - Replace / Upgrade your wind turbine blades - High resistance to bending (over 150 degrees). Adjustable blade degree with included degree adjuster Increase/decrease blade angle by installing degree adjuster under the blades "+" on the right side = Increase angle = More Torque, Less Speed "-" on the right side = Decrease angle = Less Torque, More Speed Please note this enhancement is only available from us. The so-called "defect" our competitor has claim is completely false and proves his ignorance in mechanical engineering.

Below are comparisons between the our improved blade, competitor's blade and the original Air X blade. It has been divided into 4 categories: Surface, Angle, Base and Tip. Pros: - Made from 100% new raw material - 80% Nylon 6.6 thermoplastic - 20% carbon fibre - Only new materials will give the shine above - Extremely flexible - Low temperature toughness - UV Resistance.

Cons: - Made from brittle, recycled plastic - Fragments and debris can be found at the edge of the blade circled above - sign of recycled material - Fragments will tear wind and create undesirable vortex behind the blades - No shine at all - The dull and dusty look are signs of High fibre concentration - High fibre will prevent shrinking , however, it makes the blade very brittle because plastics do not stick to fibres well, it will introduces cracks that will allow water to absorbed in. Due to the fact that water will expand when it freezes to ice. Can happen: In the less severe case, the surface of the blade will start to " peel off " like burnt skins In the worst case, when there is enough peeling or a large enough crack, the blade will snap - Cracks can be found at the base of the blades. Pros: - Made of new material, however it is not as shiny because of the flow lines. Directionally "off tone" wavy lines or patterns.

Pros: - To compensate the bending force from the wind, blades are slightly angled towards the direction of wind. Cons: - Poor Design, blades are angled away from wind. They might start hitting pole in strong wind. Pros: - Mounting Base has been machined to make sure it will fit the hub perfectly.

Cons: - Mounting Base has not been machined so it is not flat - 2mm shrink / sink mark: - Different angle for different blade will causes vibration. Pros: - The depth of our injection mold is 2.5 - Allows the shape of the bolt to be integrated into the blade (see dotted lines and picture below) - The mold is much more expensive than the thin ones our competitor's use - Produce quality blades that will not shrink. Cons: - Depth of the injection mold is approximately 1.25 - Mounting base has to be tilted at an angle to compensate the lack of space - Holes for bolts are not integrated due to restrictions set on the mold (ie: Mounting base is a parallelogram instead of rectangular) - Holes are drilled after blade is produced and maybe off centered - Mold is much cheaper because it is thin - Mold has an inferior design that compromise performance. Pros: - Depth of the injection mold is approximately 1.5" - Does not need to be thick because their blades is 22" - Allows the shape of the bolt to be integrated into the blade (see dotted lines and picture below). Pros: - Edges of the blade is smooth, no Flash at all.

The terms "flash", "fins", and "spew" are used to refer to excess molding material that penetrates into mold gaps i. Between parting faces, slide push-out faces, and inserts, etc. Cons: - Due to the lack of thickness / strength in the mold there is not enough clamping force to hold the two mold pieces together during injection - Result is: a 3mm HUGE Flash - Totally compromise performance because blade is deformed.

Pros: - Minor flashes can be found but they do not affect performance. Pros: - 3mm Injection point - Prevents Shrink marks. Cons: - Approximately 2.5mm x 15mm Injection point - Mold is damaged and created Blister - A bad place to be chose for injection (right on the edge of the blade) - Performance is compromise performance due to wind drag. Pros: - 4mm Injection point - Prevents Shrink marks. Pros: - Smooth, rounded blade tip to minimize wind drag. Cons: - Flash has to be cut off from blade tip due to poor mold design - Tip will tear incoming wind and create drag. Rotating blades present the most serious mechanical hazard. The blades may be moving at velocities over 275 miles per hour (440 km/hr). At this speed, the tip of a blade is nearly invisible and can cause serious injury. Under no circumstances should you install the turbine where a person could come in contact with moving rotor blades. The installer of these blades is solely responsible for the use or misuse of these blades. We assume no liability for ANY injuries caused by these products. NO OPERATING COST GENERATES ELECTRICITY FROM THE ABUNDANT RESOURCE - WIND. Wind turbine generator blades for AMETEK motors. All pictures and descriptions are subjected to change without notice. We are not responsible for any inadvertent errors.

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18 x 62 Wind Turbine Generator Blades for AMETEK motor    18 x 62 Wind Turbine Generator Blades for AMETEK motor