Wind Turbine Generator

12V/24V Wind Turbines Generator

12V/24V Wind Turbines Generator
12V/24V Wind Turbines Generator
12V/24V Wind Turbines Generator

12V/24V Wind Turbines Generator    12V/24V Wind Turbines Generator

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Using reinforced nylon fiber on wind wheel blades, the coefficient of wind energy utilisation is increased, so as increased annual electricity generation capacity. Low start up wind speed, high efficiency, small size, low vibration.

The shell is made of stainless steel die-casting, with double bearing carrier, anti-typhoon capacity is. Hree-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor. Efficient AC generator with high performance NdFeB permanent magnet. A fully integrated voltage regulator that automatically shuts down when the battery is fully charged.

The fan is controlled by MPPT intelligent microprocessor, which. Effectively adjust current and voltage. Ith yaw adjustment system, the wind direction position is automatically read and the rotor position is adjusted to capture the maximum wind energy. The tail fin is designed according to the aerodynamic principle, with low starting speed and low vibration.

For home use, For monitoring use, For. Marine use, For wind solar. Wind wheel diameter: 43.14 inch. Blade length: 22.57 inch. Number of blades: 3 PCS.

Cabin Material: Die Casting Aluminum Alloy. Generator Type: 3-Phase AC Permanent Magnet Generator. Controller brake system: Overspeedthree-phase short circuit brake. Wind Direction Adjustment: Automatically Adjust The Windward Angle. The wind turbine is made entirely of high quality aluminum and stainless steel fittings.

The wind turbine blade is made of high quality nylon fiber with 30% carbon fiber and anti-UV anti-corrosion material, which has strong flexibility and high safety factor. The optimized starting shape design improves the wind energy utilization rate and increases the power generator. Double bearings make it run with low vibration and quiet. It can also make wind power generation start from a low wind speed, rotate steadily and silently. Intelligent micro-processing controller effectively regulates current and voltage.

The surface of the wind turbine is coated with a special process that provides excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion under any harsh conditions, as well as excellent corrosion? Three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor. Efficient AC generator with high performance NdFeB permanent magnet and unique magnetic circuit design, so that the starting torque is very small, can effectively ensure the wind starting capacity of the fan. The wind turbine is controlled by MPPT intelligent microprocessor, which can effectively adjust current and voltage. The machine will shuts down, when the battery is fully charged.

Take out the wind turbine, put the wind turbine on the tower and align it with the flange hole. Mount the four flat gaskets on the four bolts, then insert the bolts into the holes corresponding to the flange. Tightening the screws by hex key.

The three wires of the wind turbine are connected to the transmission cable, each pair of wires is not less than 1.18 inch, and the tape at the connection end is at 3.94 inch. Connect the wind turbine's cable to the controller and the battery must be connected to the controller before wiring. 1x Wind Turbine (tower tube isn't included).

1x Set Screws and Nuts. Appication: For home use, for monitoring use, For.

/ marine use, For wind solar. 400W DC 24V 6-Blades Hoop Wind Turbine Generator Horizontal Axis Wind Power. Rated voltage: 24V Start up wind speed: 2m/s Rated wind speed: 11m/s Survival wind speed: 45m/s Blades number: 6 Blades material: Nylon fiber Generator: Three phase permanent magnet ac generator. Control system:Electromagnet Speed regulation:Automatically windward Working temperature:-40? There is no need to add another rectifier, it is built-in rectifier. (without control function, it means without brake function). Hoop type DC wind generator. Low start-up wind speed, high utilization rate of wind energy, small size, beautiful appearance, and low operating vibration; 2.

The host adopts the latest designed clamp connection, which is convenient, fast, easy to disassemble and save labor; 3. The product body material and process are integrally formed by aluminum alloy casting, with a beautiful appearance, which greatly enhances the operational safety of the product and increases the service life of the product.

The service life of the product is more than 25 years. The wind turbine blades have been precision injection molded using a new process and designed according to the latest aerodynamic principles. The wind speed at startup is low. At the same time, the blade is made of high-strength PA66 and fiber-reinforced nylon, which has good toughness, anti-aging deformation, good corrosion resistance and long service life; 4.

The rare earth permanent magnet generator with a special stator design can effectively reduce the resistance torque of the generator, and at the same time make the wind wheel and the generator better match, and improve the stability of the unit; 5. This product uses an external controller, which greatly enhances the safety and stability of the machine operation, and greatly facilitates product maintenance during use, and at the same time increases the flexibility of the power generation system. The number of generators can be increased at any time. It can be used together with the solar system to generate electricity together to form a perfect complementary wind-solar. The protection level of the external controller is above IP67, waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof. The controller can control the wind generator to automatically charge the battery. When the battery is full, the fan is braked by the internal circuit automatic control. When the battery voltage drops to the recovery voltage, the fan resumes charging the battery, thereby protecting the fan and the battery. The charging adopts voltage-limiting and current-limiting control to ensure the best charging effect, while at the same time providing maximum protection for the fan and battery; 7. Unique reverse connection protection circuit.

Due to improper operation, the battery is reversely connected, and there is no need to replace the fuse, as long as the positive and negative polarity is reconnected correctly, the light-emitting diode indicates the working status of the circuit, which is simple, intuitive and clear. 6 x Rotor blades 1 x User Manual.

1 x 12/24V Controller Included: mounting accessories. 400W DC 24V 5-Blades Gourd Wind Turbine Generator Vertical Axis Wind Power.

Using reinforced nylon fiber on wind wheel blad. And the aerodynamic gourd shape design, the. Coefficient of wind energy utilisation is increased, so as increased annual electricity generation capacity.

The fan is controlled by MPPT intelligent microprocessor, which can. The vertical wind turbine is quieter than horizontal axis turbine. Double bearings make it more stable and not easy to shake when wind generator is running. Wind turbine can start by breeze and adapt to 360°wind, no yaw system is needed.

Wind wheel diameter: 35.23 inch. Blade length: 23.62 inch.

Number of blades: 5 PCS. Controller brake system: overspeedthree-phase short circuit brake. Wind Direction Adjustment: Adapt to 360°wind. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Home Improvement\Electrical Supplies\Alternative Energy Supplies\Wind Power Supplies\Wind Turbines & Kits". The seller is "zhen_2506" and is located in this country: US.

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  1. TYPES: 4500W 24V 5-Blades Gold
  2. Brand: AOKS
  3. Power Source: Wind
  4. Color: White,Black,Red

12V/24V Wind Turbines Generator    12V/24V Wind Turbines Generator